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At Brisbane Locksmiths we are now able to assist you with your transponder keys and automotive car fobs for many brands of vehicles. Automotive manufacturers are producing vehicles with integrated electronic security systems to assist in the prevention of automobile break-ins and theft; this comprises more secure vehicle locks and programmable transponder keys to make your car as safe as possible. Brisbane Locksmiths has many different gear that can read your transponder car key or fob, cut extra keys and program new transponder car keys and fobs as required. It’s important to remember that the automotive sector and the safety of cars is rapidly changing and thus we endeavor keep up to date with innovative automotive locksmith techniques as far as you can.

Cars made after 1996 have assembled in transponder microchips that activate onboard computers to allow the car to start. We utilize a diagnostic machine that reads your key to retrieve the information necessary to program the pin codes required to make new transponder keys. If the key is coded incorrectly the car is immobilized; always go with a professional auto locksmith when obtaining car keys cut in the Brisbane. Brisbane Locksmiths can help, with our auto locksmith services.

At Brisbane we don’t limit ourselves to the simple auto locksmith services like retrieving keys locked in cars or car key cutting. We offer a full range of services to help get your car locks, keys and even the transmission to the best it can be for a fraction of the price of an auto dealership. We supply and program auto transponder keys, remotes and central locking fobs; whether you have lost your car keys or need a duplicate key, we are here to help. We can even cut replacement car keys from code numbers (usually found in your car manual) or even from your vehicle’s’ worn out locks or keys. Let our specialist Brisbane Locksmiths team evaluate your car lock needs; we won’t offer you anything you do not need. We can repair and replace ignitions, doors and boot locks for your convenience with no over-the-top price tag that you would receive from a dealership. If we can fix it, we won’t replace it! We can even replace locks to accommodate present keys to save you money from purchasing another car key replacement!

Has someone gone off with your keys or has your car been broken into recently? We can help give you peace of mind and bring back the safety of your vehicle by offering a complete lock switch and reprogramming service. We realize how important your business is and we’ll get to you as fast as possible to keep your company running smoothly.